The consumer society in which we live generates huge amounts of plastic products, paper or cardboard, glass, electrical and electronic equipment… all of them with a very short lifespan.

Sello EcoFriendlyWhen they no longer serve us and they are discarded and then become waste. Since years in all towns and cities there are different types of containers, to collect mainly, organic waste, packaging, glass, paper/cardboard and others. It is essential to make the public aware of the correct use of each of these containers, in order to be able to allocate the corresponding waste to the authorized recycling plants, so that their processing and/or recovery can be guaranteed.

The protection of the environment is the primary objective, same as is the recovery of raw materials from waste in general. For this reason it is necessary that the products should be increasingly environmentally friendly so that they can be reused after the end of their life span.

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