OPEMED® offers the following waste related services related to its clients:

  • Environmental consultancy
  • Authorizations, registrations and declarations to the corresponding authorities/administration
  • Intermediation services amongst the different operators involved in the waste industry: producers, managers, integrated management systems, distributors, etc.
  • Document management through our web-based platform
  • Authorized Representative of producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), both in Spain and abroad


The application of new laws, decrees & directives, to regulate the waste of electrical and electronic equipment greatly complicates the tasks of the companies involved, especially in the case of exports without an onsite office.

Only in Europe, for example, producers and distributors have to comply with up to 80 different legal standards (REACH, RoHS, Product Safety Law, CE conformity, etc.) Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 4 July 2012, on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), requires that the company that exports electrical or electronic equipment to a country that is not where it is based, must have an Authorized Representative there.

This is where Opemed offers its services to act as an Authorized Representative for any of the countries listed below to which any Spanish company exports its products. That is the compliance of all obligations and legal formalities, related to electronic waste, on behalf of the client. The Spanish Royal Decree 110/2015, of the 20th of February, on electrical waste and electronic equipment, is also clear in this regard: it is mandatory that a producer has an authorized representative whenever it is dedicated to distance selling and is not established in Spain. In the same way, a Spanish manufacturer who sells directly to another Member State of the European Union will need to have an Authorized Representative in that territory.

Sanctions for not adhering to legality, pose a considerable economic risk, or even suspension of activity. Therefore, a strict legal management that does not compromise the future of the company is essential.


  1. AustriaReciclado
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. British Virgin Islands
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Croatia
  8. Cyprus
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. Estonia
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. Greece
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Hungary
  18. Ireland
  19. Israel
  20. Italy
  21. Latvia
  22. Liechtenstein
  23. Lithuania
  24. Luxembourg
  25. Malta
  26. Monaco
  27. Norway
  28. New Zealand
  29. Netherlands
  30. Poland
  31. Portugal
  32. Romania
  33. Slovakia
  34. Slovenia
  35. Spain
  36. Sri Lanka
  37. Sweden
  38. Switzerland
  39. Taiwan
  40. Turkey
  41. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  42. United Kingdom
  43. United States of America (USA)
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