Quality and Environment Policy

It is our objective to constantly seek the highest quality in all the services we offer to increase customer satisfaction and at the same time taking greater care of the environment that surrounds us. We have therefore decided to commit ourselves to comply with the following guidelines.

1. Develop, maintain and evaluate a Management System for all the activities of the organization, oriented to the continuous improvement of its efficiency and to the satisfaction of our clients, complying at all times with the requirements established in the ISO Standards ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.
2. Establish the necessary communication channels so that the Policy is known and understood at all levels of the organization and is available to the general public.
3. Carry out annual revisions by management of the entire framework in order to achieve its continuous adaptation.
4. Provide the necessary training to all employees in order to assure that they carry out the activities assigned to them and constantly expand their knowledge.
5. Constant communication with all the employees emphasizing the importance of their activities in order to achieve the proposed objectives and ensure that they feel identified with the need to maintain and improve the existing system of management.
6. Maintain an active attitude towards innovation and development of the techniques used so that they can provide higher levels of quality in the services provided.
7. To assume the commitment of prevention and minimization of pollution, compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations and with other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
8. Increase control over waste generated and managed from electrical and electronic equipment, in order to avoid any possible critical situation.

OPEMED® thus acquires a firm commitment to satisfy the needs of the client, from the application of the criteria defined in this Policy.

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