Operativa Medioambiental, S.L.U. (Opemed®)

Opemed is a company with a portfolio of services for all activities related to waste from electrical and electronic equipment, polymers (plastics), metals, batteries, etc.

We are a legal consulting services company with authorization management and issuing of declarations to the different administrations. In addition, we collaborate with associations and administrations related to environmental awareness.

Opemed provides services throughout Spain and has its headquarters in Valencia.

medio ambiente

Residuos poliméricosThe philosophy of Opemed is to help our customers to respect the environment, complying with current legislation on waste.

Residuos férricosWe offer a comprehensive management and marketing service for virtually any type of waste generated or managed by our customers. Likewise, Opemed has developed an online platform, which is very easy and intuitive to use, which serves both as an inventory manager and for the preparation of reports for presentation to public administrations, complying with the requirements demanded by the waste generated and at the same time the corresponding chronological files.

The waste generated from electrical and electronic equipment, such as polymers or metals, can end up in inappropriate places and therefore cause a serious problem for the environment. One of the objectives of Opemed is to ensure that this does not happen.

Residuo electrónico RAEEWhen we talk about different types of waste, there is a particular case which is that of electrical and electronic equipment. Because of their wide and varied typology, they end up landing in eco parks or clean points, in waste management centers and sometimes in organic waste containers or even in the street.

The problem with this type of waste is that it contains a great variety of components, some of which are dangerous and highly polluting, and others offer value, as raw materials.

We offer our services to waste management companies, distribution companies, recycling plants, public administrations and companies that generate waste during their manufacturing processes.

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